Stop By For A Drink

Stay For The Company

Tucked away from the main street of Ballard, Crooked Nail’s calm atmosphere draws humble patrons for a delicious cold drink and even more delicious pub food. Our friendly staff welcomes you to enjoy our company and the evening.

When Do We Close?

Whenever You Want!

If you look at the top left of this page, we haven’t defined what hours the pub closes. We invite you to stay or leave whenever you want! Whether you’re having a get-together or just a casual night, we’re sure to not shut you out.

Stop By For A Drink

Happy Hour 4pm - 6pm | 10pm - Close


Off Starters




Well Drinks


Glasses of Chardonnay, Cabernet or Prosecco

Beers On Cold Tap

Ice cold beer from a tap or in a bottle. Come check out our vast variety of hand picked beers.


Delicious Cocktails

Choose from any of our craft cocktail specialties or create your own from the drinks available at our fully stocked bar.


Truffle Mac & Cheese

What's better than regular Mac & Cheese? Truffle Mac & Cheese! This savory version is made from Cavatappi pasta tossed in a truffle cheese sauce and topped with bread crumbs.


Scotch Eggs

A favorite with some of the regulars, the Scotch Eggs are made with breaded sausage wrapped eggs and served with bacon balsamic jam. Each order comes with 4 Scotch eggs (made from 2 whole eggs) and are sure to satisfy your rich palette.

Happy Hour Specials

M-F / 3pm - 6pm
25% Off Starters
$4 Carlsbergs
$4 Well Drinks
$5 Various Wine Drinks


Gift Cards Available!

Our Gift Card shipment has arrived. Talk to your friendly bartender to purchase one.

Swing by for a drink
(206) 403-1644
1556 NW 56th Street Seattle, Washington, WA 98107

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